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Fee Rules

(1) All fees are to be paid quarterly. It must be deposited by 10th of the second month of each quarter, failing which late fee of Rs 100/- per quarter will be charged

1st Quarter to be paid by 10 May 2018

2nd Quarter to be paid by 10 August 2018

3rd Quarter to be paid by 10 November 2018

4th Quarter to be paid by 10 February 2019

In case 10th of the above months is Sunday or a Holiday, the next working day will be considered as the last day to deposit the fees without fine.

(2) Fees will not be accepted in School office.

(3) Cheques will not be accepted.

(4) Those students who do not pay their fees in time will not be allowed to sit for their unit Tests and other Examinations.

(5) If the notice of withdrawal is not given in writing by the person responsible for the students before the 15th of the month, the fees for the following month will be charged.

(6) Bill. No, Name, Class & Section to be entered correctly in the advance to avoid inconvenience at the CANARA BANK. CATHEDRAL COLLEGE BRANCH.

(7) A second copy of the bill book will be available on Payment of Rs 50/-.